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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

36 and Counting

How does it feel to be 36 weeks pregnant?
It is so easy to forget this stage of pregnancy. I remembered so well the morning sickness of the first trimester, the energy and excitement of the second trimester and the frantic planning and nesting of the third trimester. But my memories of the last 4 weeks of pregnancy have become a blur of memories. All I really remembered until now is anxiously waiting for that baby to arrive and how time seemed to slow way down. Now that I have arrived at 36 weeks, I remember "why" I was so anxious for Will and Natalie to deliver.
1. my gigantic granny panty underwear that were swimming on me only 4 weeks ago no longer cover my rear end. I have a perpetual wedgie. How big does that mean my tush is getting?

2. If I try to bend over to pick up anything I feel strangled and unable to breathe while simultaneously getting sharp jabs from the inside reminding me that I am probably squashing the daylights out of my darling baby as well. Neither of us seem to fond of the process!

3. Suddenly, every situation seems worthy of tears. I mean, ALL coping abilities have taken a hiatus while the horomones have ravaged my body.

4. It feels as though my house will never be clean again. (see number 2) And cleaning a bathtub sounds like a rare form of torture.

5. All I think about is having the baby so that my mom can come help me. Seriously, there are times when only a mother can help!

6. Choosing an outfit for the day is a 30 minute process, because it is extremely difficult to find anything that will cover my belly and a pair of pants that will stay up and not expose the granny panty situation described in number 1.

7. My nesting urge has taken over my brain and mega important things such as finding a coordinating hamper for the babies room are all I want to talk or think about. I am confident that my friends find these conversations as thrilling as I do.

8. My goals of not reaching 198 pounds for the third time in a row are slipping out of my grasp as I see my body headed for that delivery weight set point once again! Seriously, what is with that number? It doesn't matter what my prepregnancy weight was. It is where I always end up.

9. I am pretty sure my husband thinks the phrase, "hold on a minute, I am having a contraction" is just an excuse for getting out of something I don't want to do.

10. My ribs hurt.

I am trying to cherish this pregnancy as it will most likely be my last. When I think of it in those terms, I am sad. I don't want to rush into this delivery, and I would really like all my delivery goals to be accomplished in this final delivery. I will share more about that subject tomorrow! But in the meantime, I feel as big as a barn door and am getting very excited to meet this little life inside of me! Especially to find out exactly if it is a "he" or a "she".
Here's to the last 4 weeks!


laurel said...

Oh, Angela, bless your heart!! This had me laughing in one of those nervous, I-feel-your-pain kind of ways. Those last four weeks are so tough! I always set a "I will not pass this weight" goal, and it usually goes whizzing right on by...oh well.
Last night my hubby, who has been staunchly in the "four is plenty, we are DONE camp" since Wilder was born said something last night about feeling like someone was missing, which is what I always say. But the thought of every going through another pregnancy is mind-numbingly exhausting!!! I will be praying for you!

Brandy said...

You crack me up! To me the stage your in now is the hardest part. Just sooo uncomfortable! It's almost over!

Melissa Rose said...

This totally cracked me up!!! I know EXACTLY how you feel! lol! Hang in there! It's not much longer now!!! :)

Shell in your Pocket said...

I think you summed up 36 weeks perfectly-

enjoy it b/c the next thing you know that little one is 11 and your 2nd is 8 and so on...

best wishes!

Sandy Toe

Life At 1604 said...

As for #2 & 4, have Tommy hire someone to clean the house the morning before you come home from the hospital. We have someone clean every two weeks, but we made sure they came before we got home so we could focus every second on sweet baby H.

And how funny on your weight! That was my # too! I was pleading with my body not to hit the 200s! Thanks to my boot camp trainer and regular cardio, I'm back to pre-H weight. I'm sure you look beautiful, though!

Can't wait to meet the new baby Patrias! Yay!