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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Plague of Anticipation

Is waiting for labor to begin sort of like waiting to meet the perfect guy when you are single?

I remember the single days. People always said, "you'll find your husband when just aren't looking!" I felt like I wanted to scream everytime someone said that to me. It sounded so cliche. I was convinced that meant I would NEVER find my soulmate because obviously I was ALWAYS looking!
It is funny because I did meet my husband when I really wasn't looking. I had started to date this other guy for just a few weeks, and he was simply sending me mixed messages. I was pretty consumed with overanalyzing that situation when I was introduced to Tom. I remember thinking, "why do I meet someone this nice when I already am interested in someone else?" Well, one date later and the other guy was history. I saw immediately what a gem I had found and was not about to let Tom go!
Anyway, the point is, I feel like when I am sitting around wondering WHEN labor is going to start means it probably never will! I am sure it will hit when I least expect it. Yesterday, I had so many strange pains accompanied by braxton hicks all day long that I felt pretty miserable and pretty convinced labor was going to start at any moment. The more I let myself think about it, the more I tried not to, the more emotional I felt. It was an endless exhausting process, and I was wishing it would just either start or not so I could get over it! Counting every single little contraction would drive me crazy, so I was attempting to ignore them. My mind was very aware of every little thing though and by the end of the day I passed out in exhaustion at 8 pm.
Today, I took a new approach. The distraction approach. It worked pretty well! I took a trip to Savannah with a girlfriend and went shopping. Found some really good deals too! Yes, I actually drove an hour away with my two small children and had fun just to distract myself. It probably was a crazy decision, considering the day I had yesterday! I just figured it was better than sitting around at home all day wondering WHEN this is all going to start.
I am not in a rush at this point for labor to begin. I am only 38 weeks and wouldn't mind being 40 weeks for the sake of the baby! It is just the point that it COULD start at anytime that leaves me in a constant state of anticipation and excitement. I mean, seriously, any little twinge and I think "oh! it's got to be my cervix dilating already!" That could drive a person bonkers!
So, the name of the game is distraction at this point before I get admitted to a loony bin. I'll take any great suggestions, but I don't think I will be traveling an hour away again "just in case!"

1 comment:

Shell in your Pocket said...

Shopping is always good but I have a feeling you have {two} other little people who keep you busy while you wait! That helps!

Sandy Toe